Left Turn Ahead

Just when you think you’ve got your plan and you are on the straight road BAM! A new possibility causes a sharp turn.

I have looked at countless Tiny House designs and layouts…so many that I may have to build my own community just so I can have all of the houses I like!  Maybe one for each night of the week?  I found a layout a few weeks ago that was actually an RV and instantly felt that was the one for me.  Investigating the company that made the RV (that looks nothing like an RV to me…or at least the ones that I’ve stayed in), I found that they have a whole world of choices and beautiful designs.  To check out what they have created, go to their website.

Love the island detail

Kropf have two dealers in Ontario so an appointment was made for a road trip to see them in person.  The model that I originally fell in love with
wasn’t at this location but they had many others to investigate.  Everything is custom made, you can pick and choose what you want and almost build your own.

Cabinet colour doesn’t show well in my photo but it’s fabulous

And here’s where I’m torn.  Do I take the easy route and choose one of these models?  Or stick with the Tiny House plan?

Super cute light fixture – the edges of the wood design light up too!

A Kropf unit would certainly be an easy way to get my ‘tiny house’ completely quickly but then I would miss out on really personalizing my space.  The struggle with getting a Tiny House approved in a municipality is huge right now.  So maybe I go the Kropf route now and a few years down the road, build a true Tiny House when they are hopefully more accepted in Ontario.  The Kropf models are larger than I was wanting to build but maybe it’s a good stepping stone.


The other plus to the RV model is that it would be permitted in RV Parks.  Lovesick Lake where they dealer of the RV’s is located is a perfect location but maybe a little too far for where I would be happy to be.  Now the issue with a park is that I wouldn’t be able to stay there all year long (couch surfing at 40 wasn’t really in my plans).  Ideally if I could find a friend who has some land I could rent and park myself and my RV or Tiny House, life would be perfect.  Oh wait I do have that option.  The small town life I’m looking for not super far away from my current life has now been added to the whirlwind of choices.  And I would have friends nearby.

A winter view but this is a possible site view

Time to go back to the drawing board with the pros and cons list and hopefully find a direction.  I’m feeling a little lost and exhausted from searching for land, looking at Tiny House designs, investigating already built small houses and now the RV world.

The good thing, what ever I choose, it won’t be something that can’t be fixed down the road if I end up making a decision that doesn’t work for me.  Fingers crossed that what ever I do choose though, is perfect and I can live my happy, minimal life enjoying the outdoors soon.

Hugs from a girl, trying to find her place in this world  xoxxox



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