I guess it goes hand in hand with my dream of living in a Tiny House but after watching this eye opening documentary, I am more motivated to get Operation Happiness in full swing.  If you haven’t already watched it, watch Minimalism on Netflix.  It’s brilliant.  Joshua and Ryan have managed to realized what I wish I had years ago.  Money and “stuff” are not the key to happiness.  Check out their website or their Facebook Page.  They are taking their tour to Toronto in June and I’m so disappointed that tickets are sold out.


Months ago I started to purge and sell or donate things that I didn’t need.  Not only in preparation for my Tiny House life but because I owned things I haven’t even touched since I moved into my condo over 11 years ago.  Even though I have a long way to go to purge everything I don’t need, I am already enjoying my clutter free life.

The library has become my new friend…I don’t buy books or DVDs anymore, I get them from the library.  It is such an amazing resources we have available to us for free (well paid for with out taxes)!

My biggest challenge is to pull myself away from my phone, iPad, laptop, TV.  I have been reading more, colouring more (Thanks Sam for my Unicorns are Jerks colouring book, it’s the best!) and once my condo is sold, I will be busting out the puzzles…I love puzzles but haven’t made time for them lately.

Clothes I never wear, shoes I might wear once a year, collectibles that collect dust and clutter my space, books I’ve read years ago and won’t read again, DVDs I haven’t re-watched since I watched the first time,  CD’s and even cassettes that I don’t listen to…they all need to go.  Less is more is truly something I’m striving to make a bigger part of my world.


Minimalism to me is not having nothing.  It’s having everything.  Happiness, peace and the general enjoyment of life is everything.  It’s about everything you own having value.  It’s not about not having technology, it’s about making sure you are using it for good and for a true purpose.  The mindless hours of scrolling and legalized stalking, that doesn’t bring value to me.  Checking in on friends and seeing their photos of what they are doing, their kids and their dogs…that to me adds value to me and makes me happy.  Minimalism doesn’t mean that you can’t have things.  There are things that are important to me that I wouldn’t want to live with out (not that I couldn’t live without) but these things make me happy and add value to my everyday.  Does my stack of 200 DVD’s add value to my world, no.  Do my stuffed elephants add value to my life, yes.  Each one has a special memory for me (and they are super cute :)).  The ones that didn’t have a memory or wasn’t one of my favourites, they have no been re-homed.  You can’t have nothing in life, that just isn’t realistic but it’s experiences, moments and memories that have more meaning than ‘stuff’.

Is it weird that I am working towards a life with less ‘stuff’ but my job (which I love) involves creating programs to get people to buy things?  I’m starting to think so.  But I truly believe that photos are incredibly important in ones world.  Whether they are printed, digital, on a product.  So it makes me feel better that everything we do revolves around “Capturing Moments and Creating Memories”.

If you have watched Minimalism or if you do watch it, let me know your thoughts! I have also just purchase their books (on my Kobo) and I’m looking forward to reading them this weekend.  I’m so excited to start my journey into a happier, stress less, clutter free life!

P.S. Did this INSPIRE you Sam-a-lam?

Hugs from a girl, trying to find her place in this world  xoxxox



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