Leaving on a jet plane or…

For as long as I can remember I have always told myself I would go to Hawaii for my 40th birthday.  Now that the event is near, I find myself struggling with that decision.  Do I really want to go that far away…I’ll be traveling solo, do I want to spend that much money on a trip…although I am certain it would be worth the money.  That brings me to where I started creating a list of other options.

Whistler – I would love to head out West and hike the mountains.  But that solo thing comes into play here, probably not the wisest decision to head out into the wild alone where I have no knowledge of my surroundings.


Walt Disney World – Hands down my favourite place in the world.  While I have been many times, I could never go too many times.  Staying in the Little Mermaid Suite has always been on my bucket list and really nothing could make you feel like you aren’t the big 4-0 than Disney.


Then we have the other side of the pond…Ireland and Scotland.  Really the only two places over there that I have a real desire to visit.

Colorado and Arizona are two states I would like to visit but now that I am reviewing my list, I feel those two trips can wait for a regular trip.

Mexico is on the list but it would be to much nicer resort than I have visited in my previous Mexico trips.


And last but not least I could always head to Ontario resort, one I wouldn’t normally go to because of the price and enjoy a piece of ‘home’.


So much to think about…do I want a trip filled with activity or a relaxing one?  Do I want to fly or head somewhere I can drive?  How much time do I really want to spend travelling solo?  Do I go to a favourite place I’ve been before or try somewhere new?  Do I even go on a trip or just save my money to make my Tiny House even better?

Any suggestions, tips, ideas?  Has anyone traveled alone?  What did you do for a big birthday or special event?

Hugs from a girl, trying to find her place in this world  xoxxox




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