Wedding Dress Moment

Today was a great day.  I had my wedding dress moment.  No, I’m not getting married and no I don’t mean an actual wedding dress.

You know how everyone says you will know the perfect dress as soon as you see it?  Well yesterday I saw a Tiny House layout and I knew instantly when I saw it, it’s the one I was meant to have.

I have spent months looking at Tiny House layouts and ideas.  I have books with many pages of scrapbook images of things I feel I would like included in my Tiny House.  But this layout is perfect.

Now to find an Architect that I can create the plans!  Any suggestions or contact referrals? Just one more reason my heart hurts that my dad isn’t here any longer.  This would have been a project we would have designed and built together and I wouldn’t have to find an outside source to create the plans.  Big life moments like this are tough to go through without him.

I’m so excited to move on to the next phase of Operation Happiness.

Hugs from a girl, trying to find her place in this world  xoxxox



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