Fit Girl – Round Two

Ahhh, the cliche New Years Resolution.  Work out more, eat healthier etc.

Today starts my second round of Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Jump Start. The first one was great.  I felt amazing – stronger, happier, had more energy…


Then life happened and I fell off the wellness wagon.  This time, I will hold on tighter.  It was a lot of work but work that is more than worth it.  The key is planning and making the time required a priority.  With Fit Girls Guide they provide a meal plan (even a grocery list!) and daily workouts that only take 30 minutes.  I followed the Fit Girls Guide along with using My Fitness Pal.  I was amazed how the Fit Girls plan kept each of my daily levels (sugar, protein, carbs…) right on target.  When I first looked at the plan I thought there was no way I would feel full and I was worried I would be tempted to cheat by day 2.  Surprising, eating the right things each day, I was never hungry…some days I even had food leftover for the day that I couldn’t eat.

If you are looking to feel better, I would highly recommend Fit Girls Guide.  You can choose to be a part of their community which helps have some encouragement or do it on your own.  Either way FGG is a great way to feel like a million bucks!

Hugs from a girl, trying to find her place in this world  xoxxox



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